Bed Bug Infestation


A bed bug infestation is anything more than 1 bed bug. Use Greenbug products to control bed bugs using the active ingredient of cedar.

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Do you have a bed bug infestation?

BUNDLE Includes:

1 Greenbug NIOSH Approved Bandit Respirator – gbrs-1
1 Greenbug Non-Vented Clear Safety Goggles – gbgo-1
1 Greenbug Ultra-Low Volume Fogger – gbfg-1
1 Greenbug Concentrate,one quart – GCON32
1 Greenbug for People/Pets, 2 ounce bottle – GPPL02
1 Greenbug People/Pets, one gallon – GPPL128
1 Greenbug People/Pets, one quart – GPPL32

7 Total Products

You will need the following products followed by instructions on how to perform a treatment. The active ingredient in Greenbug products is cedar. Just like cedar chests and closets where you never see a bug. That is because cedar controls bugs.

Materials needed:

Greenbug for People/Pets, 1 quart per 1000 square feet. Plan to treat twice.
Greenbug Ready to Use or Concentrate as needed (see below)
Lightweight, ultra low volume, non-thermal fogger
Protective goggles

Inspect all possible hiding areas – under furniture, behind artwork, electrical outlets, etc. and position everything for maximum exposure for treatment. Inspect stuffed toys, piles of clothing, travel bags, etc. – the greater the clutter, the more likely bed bugs are in deep hiding. If needed, remove the protective under cloth from box springs in order to treat the interior.

Prior to treatment, turn off all pilot lights. Turn off smoke alarms and alert security system monitoring companies as the mist can trigger smoke alarms. Remove all animals/pets and plants from areas to be fogged.

Prior to using the vacuum cleaner, lightly spray the vacuum hose, canister and/or bag with Greenbug for People/Pets. This will control any bed bugs or eggs that may enter the vacuum cleaner.

Wash all linens and clothing in the hottest water possible adding a teaspoon of Greenbug Concentrate to the laundry load. This infuses the linens with cedar aroma for further repellency. Dry on the hottest setting possible without harming your belongings.

Fogging Treatment – The most effective treatment is to use the fogger described above. Place on the smallest droplet size possible. Be sure every person involved in the treatment has a respirator and goggles.

Beginning at the far side of a room, aim the fogger directly at all potential hiding spots (electrical outlets, along floor boards, under and inside furniture, behind artwork, in closets, around door jambs and windowsills, etc.) making sure the mist penetrates thoroughly. Pry fabric apart, blast up under and into upholstered furniture, fog all nooks and crannies as you move your way out of the room. For any product left in the fogger, centrally place it on the floor to continue until empty and there is a dense fog in the room.

If treating an entire home, it is wise to treat the HVAC duct work as well. Take out the filter to the HVAC unit. Turn the system to ‘Fan’ and ‘On’ so that there is air circulation. Direct the fogger into the intake vent to make sure fog moves throughout the duct work.

As soon as you witness fog coming out of the vents, the duct work treatment is complete and you may turn off the fan and fogger.

Established infestations may require multiple treatments. Treatment can be repeated after four hours.

Adult bed bugs will be controlled when the fog has contact with them. The remaining fog will penetrate into hiding spaces to control eggs of the next generations. Allow the fog to penetrate a minimum of 4 hours to overnight (preferable). Upon re-entry, wear respirator to determine if fog remains. If so, air out the areas that have been fogged by opening windows, using fans, and/or by running the air conditioner/heater to circulate the air. The room can now be cleaned as usual and inhabited immediately.

Spray Greenbug Ready to Use on linens and bedding once a week until confident there are no more bed bugs.

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