I’ve got Dry-wood Termites


Evidence of drywood termites are piles of ‘sawdust’ below the kick-out holes in the wood. Use Greenbug Ready to Use for control.

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I’ve got Dry-wood Termites.

BUNDLE Includes:

  • 1 GreenbugTermite Injector – INJECT-1
  • 1 Greenbug Termite Syringe – SYRNG-1
  • 1 Greenbug Concentrate,one quart – GCON32
  • 1 Greenbug Ready-to-Use, one quart – GRTU32

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If you have Drywood Termites, it will be obvious by the piles of ‘sawdust’ you see. These piles of ‘sawdust’ aren’t sawdust at all – they are actually the fecal pellets of the termites boring in your wood. They don’t like to live with their mess so they form what are called ‘kick-out’ holes to push these pellets out. Whatever wood the termites are destroying will be the same color of the fecal pellets.

To treat for Drywood Termites, locate all infested areas and determine the locations of the kick-holes.

Using a syringe or needle (depending on the size of the hole), inject generous amounts of Greenbug Ready to Use into the kick-out holes. Wait a few minutes and re-inject. Keep injecting until no more Greenbug Ready to Use can be injected.

Seal the holes with a small piece of tape. You may remove the tape after 1 week.

If you are dealing with furniture, toys or other smaller items, use a hypodermic needle to inject the Greenbug.

Whatever termites are in these tunnels will now be controlled. Monitor the area that has been treated for several days to see if any additional effort is needed.

Use the Greenbug Concentrate at the correct dilution rate to refill the sprayer with 1:32 ratio of 1 ounce Greenbug Concentrate to 32 ounces water.

It’s best to mix up larger quantities so you have ample supply. To make 1 gallon of Greenbug Ready to Use, mix 4 ounces Greenbug Concentrate to a gallon of water.

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