Mites Treatment Bundle


Mites Treatment Bundle. An infestation of mites is best controlled using Greenbug for People/Pets applied through a fogger. Use 1 qt. of Greenbug for People/Pets for every 1000 sq. ft. of living space.

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Mites Treatment Bundle

BUNDLE includes:

  • 1 Greenbug Ultra-Low Volume Fogger – gbfg-1
  • 1 Greenbug Non-Vented Clear Safety Goggles – gbgo-1
  • 1 Greenbug NIOSH Approved Bandit Respirator – gbrs-1
  • 1 Greenbug People/Pets, one gallon – GPPL128
    1 Greenbug Ready-to-Use, one quart – GRTU32

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An infestation of mites is best controlled using Greenbug for People/Pets applied through an ultra low volume, non-thermal, commercial grade fogger. Use 1 quart of Greenbug for People/Pets for every 1000 square feet of living space.

Important safety notes:
You will need to turn off all pilot lights.
Always wear goggles and a respirator as the fog produced is very dense.
Remove pets/animals and plants from area to be fogged and do not re-introduce until
all fog is gone.

Before fogging:
Remove linens and wash and dry on hottest settings possible.
Remove electrical outlet plates and light switch covers.
Assume mites have infiltrated every possible location within the structure and position all belongings for maximum exposure during treatment.
Move furniture away from walls, remove artwork, situate mattresses on their sides and make sure closets and dressers are not packed with belongings.
Close doors and windows.

Begin on the far side of a room and work backwards towards the exit. Keep the fogger constantly moving in a sweeping motion back and forth as you direct into all nnoks, crannies and hiding spaces. Direct the fog into corners, cracks and crevices using sweeping motions back and forth. Direct the fog under furniture, on all mattress surfaces, into closets, throughout belongings, into drawers and chests. Make sure all outlets, light fixtures, carpet, upholstery, draperies, linens and bedding are fogged thoroughly by prying apart fabric, removing cushions, fogging all surface areas, etc. Fog under and behind furniture, into recessed pockets where construction screws are hidden, inside drawers, inside desks and dressers after drawers are removed, and every conceivable hiding spot you can think of. Open closets and dresser drawers and lift all clothing directly into the mist.

A thorough fogging will create such a dense mist that you will not be able to see your hand at the end of your arm. Problem areas (such as a bed harboring pests) can be fogged more than once during a fogging treatment in a room if desired. It is not necessary to get mattresses wet with the fog but directing the force of the fog directly on the surface helps to penetrate deeply.

Exit room and close door. It may help to stuff a towel at the base of the door to keep fog contained. Allow fog to remain for a minimum of 4 hours to overnight. Upon re-entry, wear respirator to determine if fog is still present. If so, air out room and then return later to clean as needed.

Another option to treat clothing and other clutter is to get heavy duty, large construction grade garbage bags and place items inside the bags. You can then direct the fog into the bag with your belongings inside and then seal tightly for a minimum of three days. If possible, fill the bags only to the point that you can easily pick them up and ‘shake’ or manipulate them to distribute the fog throughout all contents.

Smooth surfaces (hardwood floors, countertops, tile floors, etc.) may be slick after fogging treatment so exercise caution upon re-entry. These surfaces may require normal cleaning. Textile items (fabric, carpet, draperies, upholstery, etc.) will not need cleaning and it is suggested you not vacuum for a few days to allow the Greenbug for People/Pets to maintain a barrier control.

Keep in mind that mites may have easily spread to your car(s) and they benefit from fogging treatment as well. Cars typically require several treatments because as soon as you leave the car, a great deal of the fog escapes with you. Greenbug customers have shared that the most effective car fogging treatment for mites is done by sitting in the passenger seat for the first treatment, sitting behind the driver’s seat for the second treatment and subsequent treatments rotate through the driver’s seat and then behind the passenger seat. Roll up windows prior to fogging a car. Make sure you treat the trunk, child seats, under the seats, the glove box, etc. It can be helpful to set the car in direct sun after treating to help keep the fog atomized and therefore penetrate for a longer period of time.

Extensive infestations may require multiple treatments.

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